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What I do

100% confidential

The person who commissioned the work—will have all rights to the work.

Creating beautifully curated recollections of your favourite memories in the form of a story, recreating the beautiful lives you and your loved ones have shared, or preparing end of life eulogy for your loved ones… let my pen be your voice.


We, together, can revisit some of these splinters of time to create an incredible biography. Your favourite moments, memorialized in a story that you can continue to share for generations.


Show your loved ones you care by creating a story with me of your engagement, wedding, or honeymoon. Read it together to relive every moment. 


Remembering the good times can be hard in tough times… Allow me the honour of creating a eulogy that represents your loved one, shares memories and brings together all those who knew them. 

"Our lives are made up of memories, but when those memories remain episodic and disconnected, their impact dissipates. I am here to help you carefully cultivate your memories which will improve the quality of your life, increase your self-esteem, heighten your well-being, elevate your sense of serenity, even reduce clinical depression."

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