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• Non-judgmental

• Skilled listener and writer who will assist you in creating a coherent narrative out of your life.

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Creativity is a mystery that has never been unlocked.

It extends beyond talent or skill; its origins unknown.

Renee's resume chronologically lists her considerable accomplishments, her education, her devotion to duty.

Renee's resume does not mention her essence, her creative being, what makes Renee Renee.

Not a painter, not a singer, nor a sculptor or musician.

Yet she melds the colors of all these gifts into her unique talent of story telling.

Her compassion, her lack of judgement of others, her ability to hear not just listen and her writing gift has allowed Renee to take a person's life history and birth it...the losses, the wins, the tragedies and more...the secrets, the poison, but also, essentially, the hope that courses through the shame and the chaos like the life force that bursts a flower from the cold ground in the Spring.

A biography of understanding.

Renee doesn't paint, she can't sing or carve a statue from a stone or play the piano.

But let her paint your story, let her carve away the secrets, let her pen be her voice to sing your song.

She will be your vehicle of catharsis.

Let her help you lie your head on your pillow at night.

Free at last.

The first time Renee read my story to me I could envision myself going through the adverse experiences without getting stuck in the painful feelings.

That type of detachment allowed me to stand boldly and confidently in my truth, to really celebrate all the work I have done to triumph over trauma.

Renee's style of story telling is very cathartic and has empowered me beyond measure.

Charlyn Archer


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